EQUAL LYRICS – J-Hope (English Translation) | Jack In The Box

Equal Sign Lyrics: J-Hope come back again with new korean song which is titled Equal Sign from album Jack In The Box. This song has produced by J-hope, GHSTLOOP, Supreme Boi while this brand new korean song Equal Sign lyrics has written by J-hope, GHSTLOOP, Supreme Boi. This song music video is almost is on 15th July.

Song TitleEqual Sign
MusicJ-hope, GHSTLOOP, Supreme Boi
LyricsJ-hope, GHSTLOOP, Supreme Boi
AlbumJack In The Box
Music LabekJ-Hope
EQUAL LYRICS - J-Hope (English Translation) | Jack In The Box

Equal Sign Lyrics

We set up with each other
And make eye contact
There is no one above
No one under people
Let’s roll
With love
With trust
With respect
Step by step
We are still indifferent to the world
We need attention
Because change starts soon
Maybe it’s ours

A cry without a sound even
When i cry out loudly
Different skin feeling
Right up
Beat your chest with a cotton ball
And tilt your head
The world is wide
People have a very narrow heart
It doesn’t have to be the same
Why is anything else a sin?
Beyond age
Beyond gender
Cross the border
Maybe it’s like everyone’s homework
Wake me up
Difference, not discrimination
Victim of prejudice
You have to know that it’s us

Hate’ll paralyze your mind
Gotta see the other side
It costs ya nothing to be kind
Not so different you and i
Looking for love in a different light
Until we find that equal sign

Same, the breaths we breathe
Same, the dreams we dream
Same, laughter and tears in life
Same, everyone deserves respect

Just a piece to give strength
In the puzzle of our hearts
It’ll all make sense one day
So ilm singing
For love in this world
Come on
Letls come together
Equality is you and me

Equal Sign Song Video


Who sang the song “Equal Sign”?.

Equal Sign)” is sung by “J-Hope”.

Who wrote the lyrics of “= (Equal Sign)” song?.

“J-hope, GHSTLOOP, Supreme Boi” has written the lyrics for the song “= (Equal Sign)”.