Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein 11 November 2023 Written Update: Misunderstanding Ishaan, Savi

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein 11 November 2023 Written Update, Written Update Only On

Gum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein Written Update | Ghkkpm 10 Nov 2023 Written Update | Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein Today Episode Written Update | Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein New Twist

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein Written Update

Short Summary: To complete Durva’s marriage to Samarth, the Bhosales visit his makeshift home. Later, after Ishaan leaves the party and insults Ashwini and Isha, Savi confronts Ishaan.

Full Episode Start From Here: Isha seems alert, and Shantanu wonders if she’s slept yet. Ishaan expresses her concern for her. Ishaan has been messaged by Shantanu to return his call. Isha promises to call Savi, who she saw at the auditorium with her friends, as perhaps she is aware of Ishaan. Savi tells her over the phone that she trusted her more than she did. Isha queries what transpired. Savi queries whether Shantanu or her pals invited her to the celebration. Isha claims that Ishaan asked her. Savi claims that she is furious at Ishaan. Isha believes she ought to be pleased with him for throwing such a fantastic party. Savi claims he was just there for the party; otherwise, he would have stayed to see her grandma. He views her as a lowly person and treats her with pity. She’s asked to calm down by Isha. According to Savi, Ishaan thinks he is better than everyone and does needless favors for her, including making decisions on her behalf. Isha attempts to reassure her. Savi ends the call. Isha informs Shantanu that she warned him that Ishaan’s actions will harm Savi.

When Ishaan gets home, he discovers Shantanu has made several calls. He apologizes to Shantanu over the phone and tells him he will talk to him inside. Shantanu promises he will talk to him tomorrow even though he is not at home. He tells Isha that her loved one is back at home. When Ishaan gets home, he assumes everyone is asleep. Turning on the light, Surekha says she heard what he did today in college. Ishaan claims that by organizing a birthday party in secret from her, he erred. Surekha claims that by phoning Isha and inviting her here, he made a grave error. Ishaan says sorry to Surekha.

Surekha complains his lack of interest in her and tells him that she has come to the realization that only Isha matters to him. She is hurt by his actions, though, and feels that it would be best if they stopped speaking altogether. She is asked not to do that by Ishaan. Surekha turns to leave after saying she can’t die from his lies. Ishaan attributes everything to Savi.

Savi asks the canteen’s owner who paid her bills as she strolls over. Owner is unsure. Savi claims to have taken money from Ishaan and knows who it is. Bhosales getting ready to go to the home of Durva’s in-laws. According to Shikha, she has already packed fruits and candy. She is yelled at by Surekha, who says that she did ask for the gifts that met her requirements and demands gold coins. Yashwant requests that she take even silver money so that they can arrange Durva’s engagement/sakharpuda for today. Even he is ready, Ishaan replies as he approaches them. Surekha claims that everyone who matters to Durva is present, with the exception of Shantanu, who should be attending to some essential work and letting someone else instruct his favorite pupil.

Shikha brings coins made of gold. If she is not ready yet, Durva asks. Shikha promises to do so in two minutes. She is told by Surekha not to come and start setting up for the celebration. Sadly, Shikha stands.

Shukla informs Savi that Ishaan has left to go Durva’s in-laws’ place as they stroll to Ishaan’s cabin. Savi queries the address. Shukla promises to drop her off there. Since he misled her about the celebration, she declines to accompany him. He gives her the address of Mandar’s home. Samrudh’s mother is terrified that the Bhosales would discover that their expensive home and automobiles are rented and that they are deeply in debt. Samrudh advises them to act affluent in order to dispel their doubts; she should maintain her composure.

Mandar asserts that he is correct. Bhosales enters. Why is Ashutosh Villa inscribed outside, Asmita wonders. Ashutosh is the name Mandar and his wife immediately give for their father. Then Mandar explains that even his wife regards his father, Ashutosh, as her father.

After two days, Bhosales proposes a sakharpuda rite; the following Diwali, they get married. It’s too late, according to Samrudh. Ishaan believes it’s not too late and that they may go on dates and get to know each other well in a year. They don’t believe in dates, according to Surekha. After two days, according to Mandar, they would get engaged, and on Kojagiri Purnima, they will get married. Bhosales concurs. Mandar said that only their family members would attend their straightforward destination wedding. Bhosales compliment one another and agree on that as well. Mandar sends them a lunch invitation. Bhosales turn to face their car after claiming they don’t even have water at their daughter’s place. When Savi arrives, he asks the watchman to give Ishaan a call. The watchman shuts her out. Close to their car, Bhosales stroll. Calls Ishaan from Savi. Seething at her sight, Yashwant and Surekha confront Ishaan.

Ishan receives money from Savi, who tells him she doesn’t need his charity. Ishan queries when he showed her kindness. She claims he paid her canteen bill and gives him a tongue lashing for planning a surprise party without asking her permission and for departing the celebration before she saw her family. She keeps making accusations. He asks if she is dating Baji Rao and gives her a tongue lashing for inviting him and acting too amiably.

In a performance, Savi and Ishan portray Romeo and Juliet. Reeva is what he calls her instead of Juliet. When Reeva gets there, she tells Ishan, “I love you.”

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