Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein 12 November 2023 Written Update: Ishaan Discusses His Issue

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein 12 November 2023 Written Update, Written Update Only On

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein Written Update

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Short Summary: Ishaan chastises Savi for developing a romantic bond with Bajirao. Ishaan talks about his issues as Shantanu asks him to talk about his worry.

Full Episode Start From Here: Savi asks Ishaan why he offended her by planning her birthday party at the beginning of the episode. She is accused by Ishaan of inviting Bajirao to the celebration and enjoying it with him. If she is dating Baji, he inquires. Savi informs him that she didn’t ask Bajirao to the party and that she simply respects him. She is rebuked by Ishaan. Savi keeps arguing with him.

When Samarth notices Durva’s suitcase left at his house, he assumes she did so voluntarily. When Samarth exits, he notices Ishaan there. Ishaan is asked to stay out of Savi’s personal life. Ishaan informs her that from now on, their relationship would only be tested in the classroom. Savi nods and walks away. Samarth emerges and hands Ishaan Durva’s bag. Isha wants Shantanu to give Ishaan a cool explanation of the scenario. He queries how she is aware that he will be meeting Ishaan. Isha claims to be aware of it.

Ishaan notices money at the cafe and considers Savi’s actions. Ishaan is met by Shantanu, who informs him that it is impolite to leave the party he organized in the middle. Yes, Ishaan nods. When Shantanu notices money in Ishaan’s palm, he inquires. How Savi returned the canteen bill he paid is disclosed by Ishaan. He offers feedback on Savi’s actions. Shantanu uses an example to help Ishaan see his error. He admits that he brought Bajirao to the celebration and tells Ishaan how his actions damaged Savi’s sense of self-worth. Ishaan remarks about Savi and Bajirao’s actions throughout the party. Why is he concerned about Savi and Bajirao’s intimacy, Shantanu queries. Ishaan says he had to leave because Durva’s engagement shopping. Shantanu queries regarding buying. Ishaan queries whether he was unaware of Durva’s engagement. Yashwant didn’t tell me, according to Shantanu. He bids Ishaan farewell and walks away.

Savi goes back to the dorm. She begins to open her birthday presents. Seeing her gifts makes her joyful. She sees the letter and gift from Ishaan. She remembers Ishaan making remarks about her and Bajirao. She finds it hard to comprehend Ishaan.

Asmita and Shika receive instructions from Surekha regarding their roles in the engagement. Ishaan imagines that Reeva would see Durva’s engagement ring. Surekha requests that Yashwant speak with Ishaan because she believes that Ishaan may remember Reeva seeing the plans made for Durva and Samarth. Yashwant concurs.

Ishaan is asked by Yashwant if he is okay. Ishaan claims to be OK and that all he wants is to move on from the upsetting memories. Is Nishikanth calling the singer for Kojagari Purnima, Surekha wonders. According to Nishikanth, Ishaan used to arrange everything for the vocalist. Ishaan claims to have forgotten about it and promises to give them a call immediately. Surekha remarks about Ishaan’s poor performance of his duties. Ishaan begs for Surekha to speak with him. Surekha says nothing at all.

Ishaan gives singer Santosh a call and asks if he can come sing at their house on Kojagari Purnima. Santosh says he can’t do the performance and that he had to cancel all of his shows because his mother is ill. Ishaan queries Santosh about the other vocalist who would be performing. Harini gives Santosh her name. Though shocked to hear her name, Ishaan chooses to speak with Yashwant first rather than calling her.

Since Harini is Savi’s sister, Yashwant objects to Ishaan referring to her as a singer and inviting her to their home. Ishaan makes an attempt to persuade Yashwant that they ought to help singer Harini, who is going through a difficult time and has experienced a miscarriage. Yashwant is advised to contact Harini as a singer by Surekha. After hearing this, Ishaan calls Harini. Yashwant disagrees with Surekha’s choice. According to Surekha, one must use even greater cleverness to defeat a shrewd adversary.

Romeo and Juliet is acted out by Ishaan and Savi. Ishaan gives Juliet a heartfelt kiss, but inadvertently uses Reeva’s name. Later, Ishaan apologizes to Savi. Ishaan hears Reeva say “I love you” from downstage. When Ishaan sees Reeva here, he is astounded.

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