Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein 13 November 2023 Written Update: Savi Puts Forth a Condition

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein 13 November 2023 Written Update, Written Update Only On

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein Written Update

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Short Summary: When Ishaan brings a proposal for Harinee, she is ecstatic. Savi confronts Ishaan later and demands something before thinking about his suggestion.

Full Episode Start From Here: Surekha informs Yashwant that Savi takes advantage of Ishan’s kindness in an attempt to get closer to him, and that Harini is helping her in this. She claims that she cannot question Savi about what is going on between her and Ishan because Savi is very intelligent and won’t divulge what is going through in her head. Instead, she will call Ishan’s chosen girl for Durva’s engagement ceremony and demonstrate to Harini how much superior Savi is, as well as the fact that Savi cannot become the DIL of the Bhosale family in any of her seven lifetimes. Nishi queries whether this will have an impact on Durva’s engagement. Surekha declines, stating that Sam’s family will arrive after the sangeet. Yashwant chuckles.

Ishan goes to see Harini. Feeling agitated after the party, Harini inquires as to whether Savi has acted inappropriately once more. He asks to come in or talk here directly, stating that he has come for another reason. Once inside, she gives him some snacks and bhakharwadi. He claims it’s the best bhakharwadi he’s ever had after tasting it; he’s now a fan, and he thinks her singing would be amazing too. How does he know about her singing, Harini wonders. Santosh, a classmate of Ishan’s, sings at the singing event during the Koja Purnima festival every year. Since he is busy this year, he suggested Ishan’s name. Hearing Santosh’s name makes Harini feel sentimental. Ishan offers to raise the budget if she is experiencing financial difficulties. Budget is not an issue, according to Harini, who promises to let him know after speaking with Savi. As Ishan says. Harini uses Ishan to send bakharwadi to Savi.

When Ishan gets to college, Shukla asks him to give Savi this bhakharwadi box. Why doesn’t he give it himself, Shukla queries. Ishan says he has to go because he is busy. Shukla calls Savi after noticing him, but she doesn’t answer.

Shukla claims that her sister has sent her bhakharwadi. Is it from Harini, Savi wonders. Shukla claims that when Ishan paid Harini a visit and made a singing proposal, she gave him bhakharwadi. Savi calls Harini and requests that she decline Ishan’s proposal because he appears kind before hurting her. Shukla claims that she doesn’t understand Ishan. Savi shrugs him off and moves on. After receiving a message from Harini declining his proposal, Ishan assumes that Savi must have asked her to do so. Shukla answers his call and tells him what Savi said. Furious that he knew Savi would do this, he begs Shukla to give Savi a call.

Isha advises Shantanu to go back to his family because they will need him for Durva’s engagement ceremony. Shantanu claims that if they really needed him, they would have called to let him know. He approaches her and tells her that she is treating them the same way, and that his family views him as a prop that can be removed without anyone noticing. Isha questions why, having asked him to stay with her years earlier, he didn’t. Just because she forgave him doesn’t mean she forgot what he did, so he shouldn’t expect to live as a couple ever again.

Ishan tells Savi that he doesn’t want to meddle in her private life and that he is sorry if he did so unintentionally. He simply wanted to make her feel special because he wants everyone around him to be happy. Her sister is getting a big platform opportunity, and Savi shouldn’t let her miss it—especially in light of Harini’s recent ordeal. Savi claims that when he and his sister insult her, her sister’s confidence will be destroyed. Why is she saying that, Ishan wonders. Savi claims his sister informed him that he had planned the birthday celebration as a charity and that’s why he left early and didn’t get to see her family.

Ishan says he wouldn’t have bothered with little details if he had wanted to donate to charity and just wanted to see her happy. Again, Savi says no. As he picked Harini based on Santosh’s recommendation, Ishan promises to ensure that she is not harmed.

Shantanu approaches Isha and tells her that since she is seeking revenge on him, there is no need for forgiveness and that since he is talking to her about his issues, she is. Isha asserts that he is correct—he constantly presents a positive image—and she expresses her desire to leave. Shantanu claims he was aware she would say that, that she is unappreciated by everyone, that she is not here for him, that she should stay back, and that she will one day depart without telling him. Isha claims that she has endured the same suffering as he has for years, that he determines when she should stay with him and when she shouldn’t, that their relationship is over, and that there is nothing more that can be done.

While tending to the plants, Savi thinks back to Ishan’s remarks and believes Santosh is still concerned about Harini; Ishan makes mistakes but then sincerely apologizes; even Harini affirms that Ishan is a good person, so she should let Harini perform at Ishan’s house. She sees a butterfly fly by. Savi says she needs Ishan to remain composed and patient so he can hear the other side out before rendering a decision. Ishan believes Surekha will be disappointed if the singer is not chosen; he truly wants Harini to perform at his home.

Savi walks in and says her sister will perform at his house if he guarantees that no one will make fun of her, that she will be protected, and that she will be treated with the dignity that she deserves. Ishan vows to be close to Harini the entire time. Walking over to Harini, Savi tells her about Santosh and lets her know that she will be performing at Ishan’s house. Recalling Kiran’s insults, Harini breaks down in tears. She is roused and given water by Savi. Fearing that Kiran will beat her if Harini doesn’t perform, Harini goes into a panic. Savi says she needs to believe in herself and Bappa and that nothing bad will happen to her. If Savi joins Harini, she promises to sing.

In a play, Savi and Ishan portray Romeo and Juliet. Reeva is what he calls her instead of Juliet. When Reeva gets there, she tells Ishan, “I love you.”

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