Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein 14 November 2023 Written Update: Savi Requests Ishaan’s Approval.

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein 14 November 2023 Written Update, Written Update Only On

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein Written Update

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Short Summary: Although Harinee is willing to perform at Ishaan’s house, she requests that Savi go with her. Before going to Ishaan’s place, Savi gets his permission to keep things peaceful.

Full Episode Start From Here: Savi tells Harini that accepting the offer to sing at Ishan’s house would be a great first step towards her success. Harini states that she won’t sing unless Savi plays the piano. Savi is unsure. Harini is adamant. Agreeing, Savi says she must talk to Ishan. Durva acts out when she’s choosing her engagement gown. Anvi and Shikha attempt to assist her. They three laugh when Ishan cracks jokes. Durva claims they are making fun of her and that she is tense. Harini gives Ishan a call and accepts to play at his home during the festival celebration. Thanking her, Ishan says he will send her a car and that it would take an hour to see her perform. Harini promises she’ll be alright. Savi speaks up and requests to go to the event with Harini. Ishan concurs and believes Surekha won’t experience any issues with Harini if she doesn’t. Harini practices her song. He calls her Santosh. Harini gives him credit for suggesting her name to Ishan. Does she still have his number saved, Santosh queries. The two converse.

Durva’s engagement party decorations are handled by Surekha and Yashwant at the residence. Should he give Shantanu a call, Nishi queries. Surekha says she can’t stand Isha at her niece’s engagement ceremony and that Shantanu will bring Isha along. Nishi promises to see to it that Shantanu arrives by himself. Yashwant says, “Let’s see if Shantanu values Isha or his family.” Nishi heads to Shantanu’s phone. Ishan adjusts the button on his kurta. Fixing the button, Surekha tries to walk away without saying anything to him. Ishan asks for forgiveness while holding her hand. Surekha claims that even though he didn’t try to persuade her, it really hurts her when she gets upset with him. Ishan swears to always follow her instructions. Surekha says he should definitely meet the girl whose family she chose for him, to whom she has extended an invitation. Then he tells her that Savi wants to go with Harini. Surekha claims she is problem-free. Ishan is joyful.

Isha demands that Shantanu fulfill his duty to his family by showing up to Durva’s engagement ceremony. According to Shantanu, his family doesn’t even think of him as family, and he didn’t even get a call from them. Isha claims that they don’t view them as family if he is waiting for a call. Shantanu queries her about why she bothers, given that she does not view him as family. Asking if Shantanu will be attending the function, Nishi gives him a call. If he is asking him, Shantanu queries. Nishi says that he really means to come. Shantanu promises to arrive on schedule. Where is he coming from, Nishi queries. Shantanu claims to have understood and that he will be arriving by himself. After some time, he gets ready for the function and promises Isha that he will come back right away. Isha asks him to bless Durva on her behalf. She gets a headache and gets lightheaded when she sees him go. After holding her and escorting her to a room, Shantanu ends his visit.

Durva prepares for the event. Anvi remarks that she looks stunning. Asmita breaks into an emotional nazar. Even Nishi becomes emotional as soon as he enters. Family gives Durva a hug and shares their feelings. Walking to the event hall is Durva. Her friends remark on how attractive she looks and how Sam will be enthralled with her. Ishan approaches her and remarks on how attractive she looks. He is acting well toward her, despite her recent misbehavior, according to her. Ishan speaks passionately. A present for Samrudh tumbles out of his pocket.

Ishan receives it after Ayush picks it. After reading a note from a gift box, Durva becomes upset. Surekha claims that Ishan adores her. Harini and Savi enter together. In a fit of rage, Durva tries to make fun of her. She is stopped by Ishan, who tries to talk her into spending the performance with her sister. Durva is still having tantrums. Surekha controls the situation and soothes her. She is introduced to Harini by Savi. Surekha makes fun of Harini, saying that they supported her both financially and professionally and gave a young artist a chance. Harini is agitated.

In a play, Savi and Ishan portray Romeo and Juliet. Reeva is what he calls her instead of Juliet. When Reeva gets there, she tells Ishan, “I love you.”

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