Imlie 11 November 2023 Written Update: Imlie soothes Agasthya

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Imlie Written Update

Short Summary: After Sonali humiliates Agastya, he departs from his house. Imlie searches for him and attempts to comprehend his emotions after finding out this.

Full Episode Start From Here: Sonali wants Imlie to identify her spouse. Says Agastya Chaudhry, Imlie. Sonali claims that Chaudhry’s surname was given to him by Annapurna out of sympathy and that his mother is the one who revealed to her who he really is—he is her father’s illegitimate kid and has no legal claim to the land; his mother stole her mother’s rights, and now he is attempting to take her own. She begs him to leave this place, travel to his mother’s house, etc. Sonali is cautioned by Annapurna not to dare say a word. Sonali walks off. Annapurna makes an effort to soothe Agastya. Agastya leaves the house while his relatives attempt to stop him. Imlie remembers what Sonali and Agastya said.

According to Rajni, Imlie was compelled to marry Agastya’s father Kunal after he fell in love with a bar dancer named Meera. Meera tricked Kunal into fighting with his family, spiked his drhinks, got him pregnant, and claimed Gattu’s portion of the property. To quarrel with Meera, Kunal dragged her into a room. After shooting and killing Kunal, Meera fled the scene and caused great suffering for Gattu on her route to prison. Imlie needs to talk to Agastya because she believes that Agastya’s mother killed her father, leaving Agastya an orphan.

Sonali’s bag is packed by Annapurna. She is urged not to harm her daughter in this way by Alka. After dragging Sonali outside while carrying her bag, Amma phones Amrit and asks him to bring his wife to his residence. Sonali opens her mouth. Amrit doesn’t want them to leave, but Annapurna says she’s already said a lot and that it’s for the sake of the tranquility in the house. Imlie begs Annapurna to refrain from sending Sonali out of the house in this manner. Sonali’s hand is given to Amrit by Annapurna, who cautions against offering advice when not sought. Sonali is taken further by Amrit. Govind and Rajni cry. Agastya is called by Imlie, but he doesn’t answer. He hears Annapurna’s voice telling him to go back home, to forget Sonali’s hurtful remarks, and to always remember that he is her grandchild. Next, Rajni and Govind ask him to go back home.

Imlie asks her pal for assistance as she sets out to find Agastya. They use their bicycles to look for Agastya’s automobile. When her friend finds the automobile, he tells Imlie. Imlie locates Agastya and takes a seat beside him at the edge of a cliff. He shouldn’t punish the elders for Sonali’s error, she says; Govind, Rajni, Annapurna, and Manno are worried about him; Annapurna even threw Sonali out of the house and is waiting for him to come back. Everyone has their past, she says; they can laugh or cry when they think back on it, but they can’t change it. However, they can change their future. Agastya remains silent. Imlie says she’ll sit with him till he doesn’t agree.

Annapurna is informed by Alka that Sonali shouldn’t have been ejected from the home. Annapurna claims that she would not have acted in such a haughty manner if she had not backed Sonali. If a female can’t do business, Alka wonders. Although Sonali never failed to cause drama in this home, Annapurna claims she can, without neglecting her family. Sonali sobs while sitting in Amrit’s home. Amrit queries how long she will cry. Sonali exclaims, “Forever,” as his treachery etched tears in her destiny. She yells loudly and breaks things. She must stop, Amrit warns, or she will injure herself.

Family gets ready for the rite of Karva Chauth. After receiving a startling phone, Agastya tells Daadi that two of their employees perished in a fire accident at their company, and that their families have filed a lawsuit against him. The police are on their way to arrest him. He leaves, leaving Imlie’s Karvachauth thali behind.

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