Imlie 13 November 2023 Written Update: A Tragedy For Agastya

Imlie 13 November 2023 Written Update, Written Update Only On

Imlie Written Update

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Short Summary: Annapurna is ecstatic when Imlie returns Atharva home. Later, Agastya becomes upset and confides in Imlie about his sorrow.

Full Episode Start From Here: Karva Chauth ceremony is celebrated by Chaudhry. Rituals are performed by Rajni by gazing at Govind, Sonali by looking at Amrith, and Imlie by looking at Agastya and remembering his suffering. After telling Imlie that her and Agastya’s bond has become deeper as a result of this, Annapurna requests that Imlie drink water from Agastya’s hand and offer prayers for Agastya’s long life. Imlie is becoming hungry, jokes Manno. Govind claims she is craving food and is using Imlie’s name in its place.

Sonali turns away and declines to take the water from Amrit’s hand. Amrit slings water around violently. A few minutes later, Imlie and Agastya instantly ask one another, smiling if they are hungry. Then Agastya tells her he knows how painful it is for her. He is correct, Imlie replies, in that no decent man will wed her. Agastya prays to God so she won’t have to do bad things after leaving his house and declares that he doesn’t want a nice man to marry her, but the best man. He is correct, Imlie replies, in that no decent man will wed her. Agastya prays to God so she won’t have to do bad things after leaving his house and declares that he doesn’t want a nice man to marry her, but the best man.

Agastya receives a call from Govind alerting him to a fire incident at their office. When they see their shop burning, the entire family runs to the scene and sobs. According to Annapurna, her son worked hard to build this shop, and now everyone is destroyed. Amrit, seated in his car, reveals he set the shop on fire with a sly smile. Firefighters extricate trapped workers and transport them to a hospital. Chaudhrys heads back to his dwelling. Annapurna is consoled by Imlie, who advises her to rest to prevent her knee pain from getting worse.

Agastya gets a call informing him that two of his devoted longtime employees have been badly burned in a fire. He asks Sonali, “What were they doing here, when it wasn’t their night shift today?” Sonali claims that although she is unaware, firefighters have informed her that a short circuit caused the accident.

When the police arrive, the inspector informs Annapurna that the condition of her staff is extremely serious and that there is a suspicion that she used subpar wiring in her store, which led to a short circuit. If anything were to happen to the staff members, she would face legal action since the families have lodged a complaint against the shop owner. According to Agastya, he is now the shop’s owner. The inspector departs, warning him to prepare for repercussions. Sick with shock, Annapurna has a panic attack and becomes dyspeptic. Imlie is asked to bring ice soda for Annapurna by Agastya.

Imlie goes into the kitchen. As he approaches her, Amrit tries to harass her. Imlie tells him to let her go and to avoid her. Annapurna is told to come to him in fifteen minutes or else he will show her the bar video, he threatens. Agastya strolls over to Imlie. Amrit ducks. Imlie gathers shards of glass. Is she okay, Agastya inquires. Yes, she nods. When Sonali enters, she calls Imlie a housebreaker who doesn’t care about other people, and she asks Agastya to keep himself occupied with his wife while he tends to Annapurna.

When employees wouldn’t have been at the shop during their night shift, Agastya tells Imlie he doubts this accident was planned. He tells Imlie to look after his family in case something were to happen to her, since he is now only able to trust her. Imlie remains mute. Agastgya says, “It’s okay, you can’t expect help from her,” and he turns to leave. Sonali gives her some ice for daadi and requests permission to place a cool cloth over her forehead. Daadi keeps sobbing as she remembers a previous incident in which she and her husband were forced to leave their home. Agastya swears she won’t allow the past to happen again.

Pulling Imlie, Amrit threatens her to complete his task or else Agastya will go to jail. Later he gives Imlie a call. Sonali queries who he is phoning right now. Agastya queries Imlie about who is phoning her right now.

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