Imlie 14 November 2023 Written Update: Amrit Displeased Imlie

Imlie 14 November 2023 Written Update, Written Update Only On

Imlie Written Update

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Short Summary: Anupama begins to worry about the charges’ repercussions. Amrit threatens to put Agastya in jail if Imlie doesn’t listen to him.

Full Episode Start From Here: Fearing that Agastya will be arrested, Annapurna panics. She is reassured by Agastya that he will alter history and that nothing bad will happen to him. Amrit waits for Imlie in a lawn, signaling that her time is up. Imlie approaches him. He mistreats her while holding her hand and begs her to leave Agastya so they can flee together. Imlie asks what he wants after releasing her hand. If Amrit doesn’t want Agastya to go to jail, she asks her to follow her instructions. Imlie won’t follow his orders. Amrit lashes out, saying she has no idea who he is or what he is capable of. Imlie tells him to keep away from her, saying she knows what he can do, and then walks off. Amrit grimaces. Jugnu sees them. Speaking with the doctor, Agastya finds out that his staff members are no longer in danger. Sonali asks him to stop thinking for the moment. Agastya believes that someone must still be at large after setting fire to his shop.

Eventually, Imlie starts to wonder how Amrit is connected to the fire incident, why he is threatening her, and what he wants from her. Agastya is shivering in sleep when she gets back to her room. She stumbles and falls on him while attempting to pull out a blanket underneath him. She shuts her mouth when he wakes up, pins her down, and asks why she was on him. He was shivering like a dry leaf, so Imlie gestures for her to open her mouth and says she was trying to cover him with a blanket.

Their nok jhok beginning. Agsatya tugs his blanket away and falls on her. They meet eyes. Imlie promises to use song to explain herself. He walks on the bed and won’t listen to her. Yeh Hai Reshmi Zulfon Ka Andhera is sung by Imlie. She looks hot while singing, according to Agastya. Imlie claims she was not attentive. Agastya picks her up and places her on her bed, remarking that she didn’t look hot while singing. Ilie smiles as she sleeps.

At midnight, Amrit keeps phoning Imlie. When Agastya awakens, he asks Imlie who is calling her at this particular moment. When Imlie sees that Amrit is calling, she leaves after pretending that her cousin is calling. When Amrit calls someone at midnight, Sonali approaches him and inquires. He is saving Imlie’s name as Madhur Bhandar, which she notices when she snatches his phone from him. When she answers the phone, she queries why he keeps phoning Amrit at 2:30 in the morning. To stop Amrit from bugging her, Imlie hangs up the phone and calls him again. Agastya approaches Imlie on foot and inquires as to whether she has completed her call.

Returning to the room, Agastya accuses Imlie of being a money-laundering scammer and selling herself in a bar, among other marital problems. Imlie claims he will never understand why she does that in seven lifetimes. He can no longer trust an institution of marriage and love since Agastya claims their marriage is fake and they are having problems, while Amrit and Sonali’s marriage is real and they are also having issues. Imlie makes an effort to persuade him that genuine love exists. But Agastya doesn’t think she’s real. Agastya has breakfast with Annapurna the following morning. Amrit says Imlie did something wrong last night and pins her to a wall. Imlie claims that even she will trouble her if he does. He is threatening to obey him once more. She declines, claiming he was expelled from the home and that if he doesn’t change his ways, he will face humiliation. Thereafter, she departs. Sonali says she’s going to leave now to Annapurna. She is asked to have breakfast and leave by Agastya. Accepting, Amrit makes Sonali sit down. Agastya is served breakfast by Imlie. Amrit improperly touches Imlie. After spilling food on Agastya, Imlie apologizes. Jugnu sees the looks on Amrit and Imlie’s faces once more.

Pulling Imlie, Amrit threatens her to complete his task or else Agastya will go to jail. Later he gives Imlie a call. Sonali queries who he is phoning right now. Agastya queries Imlie about who is phoning her right now.

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