Teri Meri Doriyaan 14 November 2023 Written Update: A Surprise for Sahiba-Angad

Teri Meri Dooriyan 14 November 2023 Written Update, Written Update Only On 99Lyricstore.com.

Written Update Of Teri Meri Doriyaan

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Short Summary: Sahiba and Angad are taken aback when they learn that Angad is frequently confused for Sunny Sood in Mumbai. Later, when Angad becomes ill, Sahiba quickly asks Jabjot for assistance.

Full Episode Start From Here: While occupied with a phone call, Agastya discovers Sahiba is absent. The hotel manager adjusts Angad’s suite’s microphones. If the waiter saw his wife, Angad asks him. Waiter declines. When Angad calls Sahiba out of concern for her, she doesn’t answer. The manager queries him about any issues. According to Angad, his wife disappeared. Manager queries employees who report that Sahiba headed for the beach. Angad strolls over to the beach. Manager requests that his assistant carry out their plan. When Angad arrives, Sahiba is having mehandi done on her hand. He inquires as to why he is here, expressing concern for her. Sahiba is asked by a mehandi artist what name she should write on her hand.

Sunny Sood, says an elderly woman begging on the street, to Angad. She informs Angad that he had previously committed to seeing her when he returned to Bombay. The girl looks very pretty, so she asks if she is his wife. Sahiba claims he is not Sunny Sood, but rather Angad Singh Brar. Old lady leaves after making an error that her aged eyes cannot make. Angad makes her a cash offer. When he is not Sunny Sood, the lady questions him about why he is giving her money. She blessed him and called him a son, according to Angad, so she ought to keep the money and enjoy Diwali.

After returning home, Angad and Shiba are startled to discover a man already in the room. Who is he, Angad wonders. A man who addresses Angad as Sunny Sood tells him not to joke, saying that while he can play pranks on his friends, he can’t play practical jokes on him. Calling the manager, angry, lashes out at him with his tongue for allowing a stranger into the room. The man introduces himself, stating that he is Sunny’s longtime friend and mentor. He obtained access to the hotel from staff, stating that he wanted to surprise his friend. Angad requests that the manager remove the man right away. Man is removed by staff. Sahiba wonders if Angad’s face truly does resemble Sunny Sood.

The doctor has told Yash’s staff that Rumi’s condition is getting worse and that he keeps blabbering Sahiba’s name. Yash promises to take a look at it. When Jasleen calls, she asks him why he returned her call. Why is she acting like a teenager, he wonders. Jasleen claims that they are alone after losing their sons. Saying he’d learned to live alone years before, Yash didn’t want to make a commitment to her and then break it. She asks if he can have dinner with her tonight and says that at least they can be friends. He says he can have lunch with her but he’s busy tonight. She is content.

They are going to leave this hotel room tomorrow morning because Angad feels acidic and fumes that any stranger can storm into his room without his permission. The manager believes his boss will kill him if Angad leaves the hotel after hearing their talk over a hidden microphone. Angad is informed by Sahiba that he ought to have something. Angad claims that after eating spicy pasta, he became acidic and is now refusing food. The manager raps on the door. Sahiba grants entry. The manager asks Sahiba if he can have a quick conversation with Angad.

The manager is let in by Sahiba. The manager enters and inquires about Angad’s well-being. Is there anyone who allowed that man in? Angad queries. The manager claims that as soon as he learned about the employee, he fired him. They are checking out in the morning, according to Angad. Manager asks Angad to refrain from doing that so that he can provide better service. He asks Sahiba to persuade Angad. Angad is won over by Sahiba. The manager exits and gives thanks to God that Angad consented, as his boss would have killed him otherwise.

Angad refuses to listen to Sahiba’s attempts to help him control his acidity and becomes agitated. Sahiba heads to the hotel kitchen to make Angad some carrot and pumpkin soup. She apologizes to Japjot over the phone for upsetting her at this particular moment. Speaking for Angad, Japjot inquires as to whether he is experiencing acidity. How does she know, Sahiba wonders. According to Japjot, Angad experiences acidity after eating spicy food. Like Japjot, Sahiba hopes to gain a deeper understanding of Angad. According to Japjot, it takes time and effort to get to know one’s life partner. Sahiba would have gained more insight into Angad had she chosen to stay with him rather than leave. Again, Sahiba thanks her for bothering her at this particular moment.

Today Episode Precap:

By giving Angad gifts and flowers, Sahiba hopes to win him over. A couple of the men recognize Angad as Sunny Sood. An acquaintance reports that Sunny proposed to her and is now having fun with another woman. Why is Angad being referred to as Sunny Sood by everyone? Sahiba queries.

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