Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10 November 2023 Written Update: Abhira Gets Chastised

Yeh Rishta Written Update | Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Today Episode Written Update | Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Latest Episode Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update

Short Summary: In accordance with the Poddars’ desires, Akshara and Abhira prepare dinner. But Abhira is criticized for the meal, and this leads to a fight with Armaan’s grandma.

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Manish smiles as the episode opens. Akshu queries who’s Parnana is. I can’t remember the name, but he’s a cute uncle, Abhira says. Come on, let’s go check what’s going on. Akshu says, “I’ll get dressed and come.” Yes, says Abhira. Akshu is unable to see Goenka’s nameplate. Abira retains it. Come to eat with Goenkas. Akshu and Abhira divide up the work. Acshu leaves. Welcome to Abhira, Goenkas. Everyone takes a seat. He gets thanked by Abhira for lighting the stove. She says, “My momma is coming,” adding, “You’ll be happy to meet me.” She’s adorable. Not possible, he says. I salute you, Poddars. To sit, Abhira asks Armaan. Armaan inquires about Dadi’s well-being. Let Abhira go. With a smile, he sees Ruhi. Dadi talks to everyone. Kids laugh. Is Armaan Goenka? Sanjay asks. Yes, says Armaan. Ruhi smiles as she notices Armaan.

Abhira fills in the void. Manish says, “Surekha, I learned about the surprise.” According to Sanjay, I asked Manoj to get the files ready. I got late, Manoj says. Dadi requests that he bring pride right away. Don’t worry, Armaan says; I’ve prepared the files. Manoj grinned. Manish visits his bathroom. Akshu examines the meal. Turning, she sees Armaan. You are, he says, Akshara Sharma, correct? Yes, says Akshu. He says, “I’m your former student; you were a visiting faculty member at Delhi Law University.” Yes, I apologize; there were a lot of students, she says. Yes, he replies, your one lecture will change someone’s life, my law firm has arrived, and we are Poddars, she says. You run this place, he says. Yes, she responds, my daughter Abhira and I. “I want you to meet my family,” he says.

Goenkas receives their food from Abhira. Akshu is invisible to Manish. The drapes close. With a joke, Surekha replies, “Leave it be; I want to eat well today.” They chuckle. Akshara is presented to his family by Armaan. Akshu says, “I work in district court here.” Sanjay makes fun of the little cases. It’s big cases, she says, for me and my clients. Maybe they don’t pay hefty fees, he says. Yes, clients receive anything they desire, and it feels good to assist others, she responds. He teases her while laughing.

He says, “Calm down, I hope you didn’t mind. I was kidding.” It’s okay, she says. Maasa eats sugar-free desserts, according to Vidya. Don’t worry, Akshu says; Armaan emailed to let us know what was needed. I give the soup to Abhira. Akshu says, “Come on, enjoy the soup, and I’ll arrange the main course.” Vidya asks, “Did you clean the cabbage well?” after seeing the dish. Yes, we have cleaned it with water, Abhira replies; cabbage cannot take a bath in the Ganga. We wash it in haldi and salt water, Vidya says, because nobody will eat it. Yes, Abhira responds, we practice organic farming. She and Vidya argue.

Whatever, Vidya says, we’re not eating this dish. My mother can’t make any mistakes when it comes to gardening, Abhira says. Vidya interprets it as a sign that she is a superwoman who pulls everything together. Yes, Abhira answers. She is a true superwoman who does everything. Vidya queries how I can be sure this dish is bug-free. After eating it, Abhira says, “I had it; nothing happened to me; don’t insult food; you made it through today, please.” Vidya reprimands her. Why are you getting upset, Abhira asks?

She requests that Dadi clarify Vidya. Dadi raises his voice. Abhira queries what I said to cause you to react so loudly. Dadi says the issue is with you. They depart. Armaan calls you stupid. “You are misbehaving,” says Abhira. You started it, he says. They dispute. When Akshu arrives, she stops Abhira. She requests an apology from Abhira. Abhira asks, “Why should I apologize? I didn’t do anything.” Akshu is adamant. After apologizing, Abhira leaves.

Akshu extends regret. You are a lawyer, Sanjay says, but your daughter makes the arguments. I’m sorry, please have a seat. I’ll send Dadi some food in her room. Everyone goes out. Akshu apologizes and walks away. It worries Armaan. Dadi becomes irate with Abhira. For Armaan, noodles. I won’t eat anything, she declares. “Sit down, I made these noodles,” he says. They enjoy eating it. He claims that Abhira destroyed their time together and that she attracts trouble.

Abhira sobs over the plush toy Yuvraj gave her. Ruhi receives assistance from Armaan. Dropping into his arms.

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