Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11 November 2023 Written Update: A Surprise to Akshara

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update

Short Summary: When Akshara discovers who the Goenkas are, she runs away from the knock on their door. Later, Abhira starts to investigate Akshara after growing suspicious of her behavior.

Full Episode Start From Here: Arguments between Abhira and Armaan open the episode. He complains the presence of mosquitoes in the rooms to her. You have come to stay in the middle of nature, Abhira says. Have you followed the directions and installed the net windows? If not, then you should make a complaint against the mosquitoes. Armaan asks, “You should be polite. How would you feel if I joked about you?” She says, “I’m very polite, and I say it with respect if I get bit by a mosquito.” Okay, he says, if I get bitten by a mosquito at night, I’ll come. Raghu Kaka works here at night, according to her. You make an elderly man labor, he says. She responds, “Yes, he was kicked out by his son and bahu. He works hard and is respected here. He has asthma. Sometimes you have to try to see things from other people’s perspectives. I’m sorry your dadi had to leave the dinner.” She leaves. Stumbling, Armaan steps out onto the grass. Pulling him, Ruhi holds his hand. Everybody tumbles. Kesariya acts out… Their eyes are locked. She extends a hand. Grinning, he takes her hand in his.

Ruhi enquires about his household. She claims to have heard the debate regarding the cauliflower, thought Aunty’s query was strange, and realized that she had indeed been the object of her attention. How do you know, he queries. She responds, who knows, maybe I was thinking of you as well. He grinned. She inquires, “Are you feeling awkward?” this is a sign that you like me. Who knows, he asks. They grinned. They converse while sitting. You’re not able to recognize your soul match, she says. He really asks. Does the idea of a soul mate appeal to you? she wonders. “I do it now,” he says.

Abhira is working in the morning. She grins and gets a kid’s drawing of their family. It’s good, she says. Manish receives medication from the man. Abhira promises to give it a try. When Akshu arrives, he tells her not to insult the visitors. Abhira confronts. Akshu adds that you will know when you have a family, that you should watch what you say, that you cannot do this in Sasural, that everyone can understand the truth, and that you must eventually travel to Sasural. I promise to always tell the truth, says Abhira. Okay, I’m going, replies Akshu. She continues, asking how Abhira will manage relationships as she hasn’t experienced it. Akshu arrives with the medications. Manish claims that medications are here. He proceeds to examine the door. He apologizes after sneezing. He perceives no one. Is that a ghost, Surekha queries. Ruhi says, “Don’t scare me.” As Suwarna puts it, ghosts are the past. Hide from them, Akshu remembers the times spent as a family.

Akshu touches Manish’s foot upon seeing him. After glancing around, he closes the door. I’m not sure if we’ll rekindle any old or new relationships, he says. Akshu believes I’m not able to meet them. She dashes inside her house and shuts the door. Runs to find out what occurred, Abhira. Akshu declares, “If Manish hears my name, then I won’t go in front of him.” Has anything happened, Abhira queries. Akshu stays silent and says, “Go study; we have a lot of work tomorrow.” She is asked to open the door by Abhira. Weeping, Akshu motions for her to go. Sitting outside the door is Abhira. According to Surekha, it was a ghost—someone who had vanished and reappeared. Manish ponders. Akshu lets himself in. Abhira stumbles. Akshu inquires, “Were you here till now?”

Abhira inquires, “Were you crying up until now? Tell me about it.” It’s Parnanu’s birthday today, and he’s extremely lovely; he helped me light the fire. Abhira adds, “You handle Poddars, I’ll handle Goenkas.” Acshu sobs. You won’t go to Goenkas, she says; the staff will take care of them.

Abhira is anxious. Manish and Armaan’s dadi exchange pleasantries as they meditate. They converse and wish one another a happy birthday. According to her, children pick up on our actions rather than our words, so if they see us acting morally, they will too. I usually get lectures, he claims. They notice Abhira and Ruhi. Observing Abhira’s awkwardness, he smiles. Observing Ruhi’s organized work, she smiles. With a smile, Abhira makes fun of Dadi’s cuisine. Manish signs for her. Akshu is available. She requests three days off. No way, that’s not feasible, the man replies. Blown balloons, Abhira. Akshu notices Abhira and Manish. She believes their bond is growing stronger.

Abhira dispels the evil sight. Ruhi says the family is really impressed with you, almost as if they have adopted you. Aunty ji, I’m your future son-in-law, says Yuvraj. No, says Akshu, means no. I know how to make no into yes, he says.

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