Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13 November 2023 Written Update: It’s a Warning for Akshara

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13 November 2023 Written Update, Written Update Only On

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update

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Short Summary: Akshara hides her face to save the Goenkas when she sees that they are in danger. Later on, Yuvraj shows up at Akshara’s house and declares he will do whatever it takes to marry Abhira.

Full Episode Start From Here: Ruhi says, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you. You have impressed the family; it’s almost like they have adopted you,” at the beginning of the episode. Armaan says it’s not your fault; even medication can cause pain if a wound is old. Ruhi remembers Aarohi’s passing. She claims that, particularly when it involves our parents from our early years, we learn to ignore it, but the hurt never goes away. I’m not sure what your pain is, but I hope you find a solution one day. I hope the same for you, he says. She claims that this pain is a permanent resident of the heart and that magic could be occurring right now. She grinned. He claims that there is a problem between us. Yes, she replies. His hand is on hers. They chuckled.

They notice some fog. Each person coughs. Akshu and Abhira say that smoke filled this place. We need to get them out of here, says Akshu. She rushes to Manish when she notices he’s becoming ill. Vidya yells at Armaan. Dadi goes with Armaan. Akshu assists them in leaving the area. She comes to take Manish while covering her face. He thinks of Akshu. Ruhi remembers Akshu when she sees her. I’ll never forget those eyes, she says, adding, “No, not possible, it’s her.” Acshu leaves. Ruhi meets Vidya by chance. They converse. About her parents, Vidya enquires. Ruhi claims they died when I was a child. Vidya apologizes, but God tests those to whom he gives courage. Bless you; you are strong.

Akshu sits anxiously in the morning. Yuvraj thumps on the door. Frightened, she goes to investigate the door. Yuvraj welcomes her. He comes inside and takes a seat. He introduces himself as Yuvraj Jagrat Choudhary, claiming to be your prospective son-in-law. She is taken aback. Arrives Abhira. He says, “You didn’t tell Aunty about me; she looks shocked.” He requests that Akshu just send her daughter and two pairs of clothes; he will take care of the rest. He requests that Pandit match the Kundli. He presents the birth certificate to Abhira. How did you get it, Akshu asks. I’m very resourceful, he says. Mahurat, according to the pandit, is after a week. Good, have some sweets, says Yuvraj. Akshu claims that I had forewarned you in court as well. Yuvraj gets a reprimand from Abhira and is asked to leave.

He bursts out laughing, saying, “We have passion between us; you’ve seen the world and know the consequences of even the smallest mistakes,” and that she is young. He gets a jail warning from Akshu. She tells me to leave my house immediately. Do whatever you want, he says; I’ll marry Abhira. “No means no,” she says, adding that “even big idiots get this.” He places his hands on her feet and says, “I know how to turn no into yes. I’ll see you soon, Sasumaa.” Fearing for her life, Abhira grabs Akshu’s hand. Yuvraj nods and walks away. Akshu closes the entrance.

Vidya queries the man regarding the brand of spices and ghee. It’s of good quality, he says. They discuss Abhira. When Yuvraj arrives, he sees Sanjay. He claims you didn’t even tell me you were visiting Mussoorie with family. He says hi to everyone. According to Sanjay, I take care of MLA Jagrat’s son Yuvraj. He presents Yuvraj to Armaan. They discuss sports. Armaan says it’s good to meet you.

Akshu chastises Abhira. Abhira apologizes; she didn’t mean to cause you any harm. I’m your mother and lawyer too, Akshu says; you should have told me. She gives Abhira an embrace. Akshu says, “This guy is a spoilt brat. His dad isn’t like that. I’ll talk to him and he’ll stop him.” At the river’s edge is where Armaan and the young group arrive. Everyone gets into arguments. After offering them money, Armaan requests that they make wishes. I don’t believe in all of this, he says. When Ruhi arrives, she queries why. He looks shocked. He is asked to think of a wish by Ruhi. She extends a wish. After receiving a call from Vidya, they head out to meet Dadi.

The coin is thrown into the river by Ruhi. Where had they gone, she wonders. They don’t know where they want to go, according to Armaan. You’re getting close to that family, Ruhi says. Even you were speaking with Vidya, he claims. He feels that I have to admit that this is my family. Vidya remarks, “I liked that girl; her family is also good; Ruhi is attractive and kind.” I wanted a girl like that for Rohit, says Dadi. I was speaking about Armaan, Vidya says. Dadi advises discussing the alliance with the girl’s family.

I wanted to share something with you, Ruhi, says Armaan. Ruhi asks for him. Falling into his arms, she stumbles. She gives him her thanks. Would you like to meet me, she asks? He responds, “Yes, even if you stay on the moon, I will come meet you.” She requests a pledge. “Promise,” he states. Following her call from Manish, she leaves.

When Abhira sees Yuvraj’s proposal, she is astounded. Ruhi gives Armaan her number. Yuvraj says, “Abhira, please give me something in return.” A slap from Abhira.

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