From rebuilding to contending: Discover potential trade scenarios for Pascal Siakam that could reshape the Toronto Raptors' future.

Unlocking new possibilities: Explore five trade options that could provide the Raptors with a mix of young talent, draft picks, and experienced players.

Trading Siakam: A strategic move to address the Raptors' needs and build a strong foundation for sustained success.

Youth infusion: Discover how these Siakam trades could inject promising young players into the Raptors' roster, fostering a bright future.

Trade destinations: Dive into potential landing spots for Siakam, including teams that offer win-now opportunities and long-term growth.

Building around Siakam's departure: Learn about the Raptors' plan to reshape their roster, balancing immediate impact and future potential.

Exploring the market: Uncover the potential value Siakam holds in the eyes of other teams and how the Raptors can leverage it to their advantage.

Strategic moves: Discover how these Siakam trades could position the Raptors for financial flexibility, allowing them to pursue future opportunities.