Anupama 14 November 2023 Written Update: The Firm Stand of Vanraj

Anupama 14 November 2023 Written Update, Written Update Only On

Written Update Of Anupama

Anupama Written Update 14 Nov 2023 | Written Update Of Anupama | Anupama 14 Nov 2023 Written Update | Anupama Today Episode Written Update | Anupama New Twist

Short Summary: Vanraj stands up when the Shahs are made fun of for celebrating Diwali. Malti Devi becomes enraged while Anupama and Anuj celebrate realizing their dream.

Full Episode Start From Here: While Choti has made cards for the Ashram children, Anupama and Choti pack the gifts for them. There comes Anuj. Will the Ashram children enjoy these cards, Choti wonders. They will like it, Anuj assures us. Anupama asks her to never forget that sharing makes people happier. She says that since God has blessed them abundantly, they will spread their joy to others. We will always say, she says, whoever has less, has us. That’s what Choti says. Anuj asks her to present the gift with dignity, clarifying that it is a gift rather than a donation. Is this a small gift, Choti inquires? According to Anupama, what matters is the intention behind the gift, not its cost.

Choti says there are lots of gifts. She is asked to count the columns and numbers by Anuj. Choti starts count. She is asked to multiply 5*9 by Anupama. Choti was unable to grow. Does she find math difficult? Anuj inquires. Choti affirms. According to Anupama, children’s studies nowadays are extensive and challenging. Is it understandable, Malti Devi asks? If I don’t, Anupama says, then should get help. Malti Devi says that we will employ a tutor. Anupama says I will now concentrate on her academics. Malti Devi asks Anuj to respond, saying, “You have a ton of work and you two are teaching her good values, but studies are equally important.” Anuj observes.

Anupama later creates rangoli and performs bhajan. When Anuj arrives, he makes an effort to woo her. They ask that their love endure forever. Everyone’s happy Choti Diwali to baa and babu ji. Baa says he has no idea when our family will get back together. Pari receives a gift of cash from Babu Ji. Happy Diwali, Vanraj says as he approaches. He is blessed by Babu ji. They start dancing to the song “Main Aisa Geet Gawun” as he turns on the music system. As she observes them standing outside, the neighbor remarks that it is Choti Diwali, not Holi, and inquires as to whether they had bhang to celebrate. The other guy says you are celebrating your son’s death. Vanraj allegedly acts as though he is going through a trauma, but he is happily dancing.

When we experience pain, Babu Ji says, we are asked to take care of ourselves, and as soon as we get over it, they tell us that they are quickly moving on. Vanraj is moving on, and he says they can’t take it anymore. They say they are envious of us, Baa. Kavya begins to worry about Vanraj. Kinjal says Papa could withdraw into himself. Toshu claims that this is the reason why the West is superior. Baa asks him to stop, saying you haven’t gone there yet. They have sold their shame, the guy claims.

We are sadder than them, but the woman claims that Samar was their son. Vanraj approaches the neighbors and says he doesn’t need a certificate from them to declare whether or not he likes his son.

We danced because Samar enjoyed it, he says. He says, “We’re celebrating because this is my older son’s and his wife’s last Diwali here before they go abroad.” He says, “We’re celebrating for my wife and my parents.” He claims that although we haven’t been able to move past Samar’s loss up to this point, we will nevertheless lavishly celebrate both Choti Diwali and Diwali. He says that although he didn’t like his son’s dance, he can’t make his family die and that he will now sing and dance in his son’s honor. He threatens to leave if they don’t join them in celebrating.

Barkha reports that the meal is greasy. She’s asked not to eat by Ankush. Romil informs Choti that it’s Choti Diwali today, which is her festival. Malti Devi queries Anupama about whether she plans to give birth today as well. She describes how Anupama brings snacks and sweets to the people. She states that if she becomes sick. Is she working in social work, Romil queries. Barkha says that Mummy will now begin her work-related lecture. Adhik claims that you won’t comprehend the significance of work. Anuj questions Anupama about her silence and inquires as to why they needed to accept such a large order. He claims that someone else could have received the order. He says, “If your health had gotten bad then, we would have helped them like always.” As Anupama persuaded them to accept the bangles, Malti Devi claims that she would have done the same with them. She claims that Hasmukh and Leela are her top concerns. Anuj says that in this day and age, Baa and Babu ji are working and delivering.

Anupama explains that although people’s bodies age, their intentions do not. Malti Devi claims that the body ages. Anupama says that we must work and not sit around. She says she tried to assist them and that we won’t stop them from working if that’s what they want to do. He claims that an old orphanage for the elderly is being opened. She says, “We’ll let them choose whether or not to work, even in an assisted living facility.” Ankush thinks it’s a smart idea. He is thanked by Anupama. She claims that Baa was giving the bangle back to Malti Devi, but Anuj and I are adamant that she keep it.

Malti Devi requests that before taking any action, she notify Anuj. Anupama promises to ask for his permission, and Anuj will understand if she is unable to accept it. Naturally, says Anuj. Romil tells that even he will be working now, adding that Baa and Babu ji are inspirational. He teases Malti Devi, saying even the women will have to work.

Afterwards, one by one, they perform aarti in their individual homes. Dimpy and Romil perform an aarti after everyone else. Anupama and Anuj receive an aarti from Malti Devi. They will be content when Anupama asks her to bless them. Anuj explains that these are old age home documents as she brings them over. He signs after asking Anupama to sign. Before signing, Malti Devi asks him to read it. No need, he replies, since Anupama has already read it. He claims that Anupama will be the one to handle any issues. Romil claims that Anuj worries more than Anupama. Malti Devi is prodded to move by Barkha.

Malti Devi says she does not want Anuj to sign in the same way that she did, having put her trust in Nakul. She worries that all of the property will be transferred into Anupama’s name under Shah. You are powerless, according to Barkha. According to Malti Devi, she will carry out the explosion. Kavya declines Baa and Babu ji’s offer of a portion of the earnings. She is insisted upon having it by Baa, who also promises to give Anuj and Anupama a share. Babu asks what we can do for them since they help us so much. Vanraj says that although they can’t repay their efforts, they will receive their money back. They have invested money on Kavya’s godh bharayi. They can’t succeed, according to Malti Devi, because Shah’s sight is on Anuj’s property.

Anupama holds Dimpy as she falls during the Diwali celebrations, and Choti falls as well, with Malti Devi catching her. Then she chastises Anupama for looking after Dimpy while neglecting Choti. After becoming enraged with Anupama, Choti runs away behind Malti Devi.

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