ALICE IN ANXIETY LAND – By Sainee Raj | UnErase Poetry

This Beautiful Poetry 'Alice In Anxiety Land' Has written and Performed by Sainee Raj.

About This Poetry: 
This Beautiful Poetry ‘Alice In Anxiety Land’ Has written and Performed by Sainee Raj. This beautiful poetry ‘Alice In Anxiety Land’ has released under the label of UnErase Poetry. 

Alice In Anxiety Land

Amidst a pile of junk scattered in my brain
I wait patiently for the arrival of the thought train
It’s running late, it’s 12 past noon
I have a group of people in front of me, it better come soon!
You see parties are specially taxing 
Because just ‘being there’ isn’t enough.
You have to dance and smile and scream to loud music
On topics ranging from politics, science and all that stuff!
It specifically makes me nervous when a GK question thrown my way
Wait! Is India Gate in Delhi or is the one in Mumbai, Gateway?
I stutter, I mutter, I trip and I splutter
This clutter in my head refuses to clean up!
I’m sure they think I’m an introvert
Or an extrovert or an extroverted introvert
Or an extro-into-verted-vert wait what?
I dive into my phone and pretend to take an urgent call
Everyone is noticing me
I wasn’t prepared for this at all!
My palms begin to perspire
I hate parties
Hide I must! coz hiding away is my only desire
Whoa! That was a bit too much, caim down!
You see that’s the curse of being an anxious person
You’re up and down spiralling for no particular reason
There are 10 people on this shoulder, and another 10 on this one, telling you, everything is going to go wrong and all you’re left with is your life’s dreadful theme song
You’re going to die alone,
You’re lonely af!
You’re broke, you’re shook
You’re a horrible crook,
You’re going to die alone!
You’re away from home,
From mom and your cat
You’re through and through
You cry on cue, you’re going to get fat!
A mental health disorder sending constant signals of fear down your spine
Remember that day, when you created a scene after drinking way too much red wine?
Well, I do, so why don’t you think about it endlessly, and feel unnecessary pain?
Here – I’ll send overthinking waves to your brain!
Hey what if this giant light falls on your head and you bleed out but you’re still not dead?
What if your zip loosens up and you have a malfunction?
Well, that’ll be one way to get some attention?
What if you’re talking to your crush and you accidentally spit on his face
You run and run and run but never win the race.
Age 7, you tried holding in a fart but couldn’t
Age 9, you told on your best friend, when you shouldn’t 
Age 14, someone called you obese
Age 18, you opted for Kurtis over tees
Age 20, you hate your face more than ever
Age 26, if he goes..he’ll be gone forever!
Hey are you okay?
For you it’s just ‘another day’
and that’s because you’re not compelled to think 
sleep hasn’t left your eyes without a wink fright, nausea and irritability aren’t your bestfriends
‘hashtag panic attacks’ have stopped being jst trends
This thing is real, in the head 
Hugging one warmly until one goes to bed
But all you care about is to mock me…
Wait, what exactly is separation anxiety?
‘High levels of anxiety after spearation from a person or place that provides feelings of security or safety’
I think I might have that!
Maybe! I’m not sure, you think it gets better?
With time, patience and therapy
talking to a friend who is ready to listen to your rants and sudden bouts 
With no judgements and zero doubts 
With deep breaths and in some cases medicines 
With kind words and kinder intentions one can overcome anxiety
For you see, we’re all made differently with varied dreams and complex visions
We all can’t be the same person!
So a little empathy could go a long way
I think the one in Mumbai is Gateway!
You’re going to be fine
It’s just a matter of time
You’re going to be fine
It’s just a matter of time
You’re sweet and kind with a beautiful mind
You’ll find what is yours!
You’re going to be fine
It’s just a matter of time.
Written By:
Sainee Raj

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